3 Ring Binder Covers

Project #4
Here is my version of 3 ring binders. I bought the binder mechanisms off of binding101 and the leather and rivets from Tandy leather. I found it easier to get the saddle rivets for the spline and cut them down rather than try to find a rivet already the correct size. I use vegtan to hold the wood together. I thought about using a living hinge but wasn’t sure if it would handle repeated use opening and closing and wasn’t sure how to attach the binder mechanism, leather seemed the easier way to go.

I thought this would be a practical and versatile pattern to share : )

3ringbinderpieces.pdf (738.9 KB)


This is a great design! Thanks for sharing.

Oh wow, that is such a nice binder! Thanks for your generous share.

Thank you. I know this will be a favorite of many.

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That is such a simple design and use of materials but it makes the binder so special. Wow. Hadn’t thought of that at all.

I am always on the watch for elegant binders for liturgical services. I use the official books as much as possible, but there are some services that need a little more customization. For example, a baptism in Spanish. I’m not quite fluent enough to get the changes to number and gender on the fly and I end up calling a boy a her and a girl a him quite often unless I get it all spelled out! It just doesn’t look nice to have a plastic one. I have a few that are especially made for services, with different seasonal colors, but this is really inspires me.


Oh the simple things we can do that make such an impression!