3 weeks since my golden email


No signs of life, tracking numbers or anything…

HOW DO I SURVIVE THIS??? Ive literally have stress dreams that someone steals my box… I can’t do this anymore. What’s the bell curve? 4 weeks Average??? This two years has these last 3 weeks feeling like actual torture.


four does seem to be around the average.


Although they do seem to have been a lot quicker recently. I think approvals are now the bottleneck rather than production capacity.

@shopokoa, which model and which country?


Totally agree, I would have thought once you get the address confirmation that it would be within the week! From a process flow perspective, I am not sure why you would want to house a bunch of address for weeks before shipping them - things happen in weeks with peoples jobs, moves, etc that can cause more headaches down the road.


yah what the heck… I just don’t trust that it will come in 3 weeks. I’ve been let down so many times. It’s actually really really depressing. A lot of us put dreams or small business ideas into this product…


Does the shipping address request mail still mention up to 6 weeks?


It does