30/8/17 Geekwire article about Glowforge



Thanks for the link.

Pretty amazing to break a Kickstarter record when they weren’t even on Kickstarter!


Yes I wonder what Kickstarter think about that.


Actually, I’m wondering how the plan for the GFUI is going to progress now that Tony is leaving. Not that I don’t have any faith in the team he’s left behind, but how the pace is affected and what talent they’re bringing onboard. The software still has a lot further to go.


i’m not too worried about it, i suspect he’ll keep his hand in until he has another job (and no doubt he’s got a bit of stock he’s sitting on so it’s not like he’s not vested (heh) in the company’s success). also, assuming most of the hardware issues have been handled for the time being - to the extent that putting out fires that constantly respark can be called handling - it wouldn’t surprise me to see dan et al focusing more on software.


Best of luck with whatever’s next @Tony!


Well, there we have it from an official source. It was a crowdfunding campaign. We can stop arguing about what to call it now.


Fake news!


From the article: “After garnering attention with its crowdfunding campaign, Glowforge has had issues delivering its printer to Kickstarter backers on time.”

Oh sure, everyone here helped them to stardom by getting into the crowdfunding campaign, and then they turn around and send the units to their Kickstarter backers. No wonder so many people here are waiting. :thinking::laughing::smirk:


Sad to see you go @Tony! Good luck in your future endeavors. Hope you still pop into the forums from time to time!


We’ll miss him every day, but he’s still helping us all the time. In fact, Tony’s still got more titles than most employees - advisor, cofounder, investor, shareholder, and owner. :slight_smile:


Looks like the author changed his wording to use ‘crowdfunding’ consistently throughout.


Best of luck @Tony. Really appreciate all the good things you did for the Glowforge. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck @Tony. Thanks for your hard work.

As to the article: Kind of misses on the drama of the past two years as we have experienced it. “A good chunk”? I’d say most of the pre-orders don’t perceive it in those terms, especially the international orders. Accurate on the delivery of a great machine, but still a few things to do in terms of making good on the initial promotions.

So this is a good sign that a lead developer/designer can go now. Everything else must be just manufacturing and shipping.


Thanks @Tony , I know I’ll enjoy the benefits of your hard work… In a near future :grin:


A message from the future!!


Whoops, must have been the September Update that tripped me up.


Thank you @Tony for an amazing product, and experience!
Honored to have a piece of you in everything I make. Well Done Sir, and best of luck!