30 DoD Challenge - Day 4 - Acrylic Bowling Ornaments 01.01.20

Simple 3" round ornaments cut from Proofgrade Thick Clear Acrylic - graphics 3D engraved to the back & fill-painted with acrylic paint. Text etched to front surface of acrylic.


Wow, came out great! Do you use craft acrylic paint, or something more exotic?

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This is a great effect.

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Mostly just glossy acrylic. I have also found that Rub 'N Buff works really well on acrylic. On some items I have used black nail polish to seal it from the back. An example that turned out really well is this elephant 3D engraved on back of Proofgrade Thick Clear Acrylic - silver and gold Rub 'N Buff really captures the wrinkle details on the elephant, with the black nail polish to fill in the spaces and seal the Rub. DecoArt Metallic Lustre works well too & is available in a greater variety of colors. Both available at my local craft store or from Amazon.

***Note: I have found acrylic paint does not stick to surfaces not etched or engraved. However, Alcohol Inks and certain other Dyes do - which can be used to tint the surface and / or edges. Great You Tube video by Fresh Start Customs goes over coloring options for both wood and acrylic. The example about Alcohol Inks is around the 5:20 minute mark. Different color options to take your laser projects to the next level!


The texture that you achieved and the realistic coloring that you have gotten is amazing. Beautiful image. :grin:


Love the elephant! :grinning:

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Super textural effects. Turned out great. Thanks for the tips.

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For my mom :two_hearts:

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