~3500 cans of tuna = Kung Fu Canda

Just got back from our CANstruction build out. This is around 3500 or so cans of tuna stacked up. Took us about 3 hours.

in case people don’t know, CANstruction is something architecture firms across the country do with their local AIA (american institute of architecture) chapters to raise money and donate food to local food banks. it’s a bit of a competition to see who can design the coolest structures and people do all kinds of interesting stuff.

we raised about $6000 to buy the cans and all of it got donated to the arlington food bank.

oh, and to make this laser related, we cut out the layers between the cans from 125 sheets of 18x32 foam core on the universal laser at work in the evenings this past week.


Guess I am going to be ‘that guy’.

What is it representing?

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Glad to hear that. Was trying to imagine eating your way through all that.

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