35mm Film Pinhole Camera - Second Prototype (For Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2023)

Gosh! Thank you, @ellencadwell ! I do enjoy taking pictures with the pinhole. Speaking of which I feel like I should do a major overhaul of the design soon. This version of the 35mm camera works great but I need to address two issues that have been on my mind. One is my over-reliance on magnets! I’ve never had a door pop-off but I am always conscious of the danger. Another is the ability to make repairs. Right now all the mechanics are sealed shut so going back in to make an adjustment is not possible. The pinhole itself is held in by a magnetic retaining ring but that is the only thing that I can swap out. I did it this way to prevent light leaks but I think I can do better. Oh, there’s one more thing that is not an issue but a desire for an aesthetic evolution. I want to make the camera with rounded corners. I suppose it would make the the camera more pleasant to hold and kinder on the body when the camera is up against my body, but the current model doesn’t bother me in this regard. It is more because I like vintage cameras like the Leica cameras from the 30’s and they have this format. This is a challenge for lasercut projects because it does better with planes. Sure, there’s living hinges but they are by nature full of slits that will let in light. I can stack pieces but those drift out of alignment. I have good tolerances with the methods I described above but beyond three layers I think I’d be pushing it.

Sorry, this was meant to be a simple thank you but it turned into a design rumination! Thanks for the inspiration!


That sounds really cool! There is a photographer named Abelardo Morell who turns hotel or motel rooms into giant pinhole cameras. He covers the windows and then photographs the resulting images on the walls of his room.

Camera Obscura

He also does something similar with a tent. He sets a tent up and instead of a pinhole, uses a kind of periscope to project the image onto the ground.

Tent Camera

What pinhole photography taught me was that you can turn anything into a camera. Indeed it might be more difficult to find something that cannot be turned into a camera! Photography is all around us :blush:


And I’m sure you will. :smile: It’ll nag at you until you can’t handle it anymore and finally take the time to do it! And we’ll be happy to see it when you do!