3d bas-relief design software

I really want to learn how to do bas-relief engraving. But it sounds like I need to find a software that I can afford for converting 2d images into files for 3d engraving.

I REALLY like the work of this company. Does anyone know what kind of software would work to produce images like these?


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You have to create a depth map.


I’d be really surprised if those aren’t actually 3D-models where a depth map was created. Much easier to do from a 3D-modeled scene than an actual image.

If you’re looking to 3D model, there are a number of different programs…

Blender, Z-Brush, Poser, etc.

For images, I’ve used Crazybump with moderate success. It takes a lot of fiddling and it still won’t be perfect though.


I have used Blender with a blend texture to good effect on 3d models including when it is easier to make the 3D than try to make it in inkscape etc.

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