3D Deer

Little late for Christmas decorating but either way here it goes.
This was cut on 2.7 Luan From Home Depot and only takes about 3 min. to cut.
First time I have uploaded a file so please let me know if I did it wrong.

deer 3D


You did it perfectly. It’s adorable!

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Great job on the file and getting it uploaded properly! Thanks for the great share.

Thank you.

Oh deer! This is great!


Super cute! Thanks for your generous sharing of the design!

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Very cute! I think it would work as a moose as well (might have to change the snout shape though). Thanks!

I’m looking for a project for autistic individuals. This this great for them to start with but I don’t see the file. Can anyone help me out?

Right click on the red outline at the bottom of the original post an choose “save as” svg.

Kinda diggin’ Jo Jo Bug…

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Very cool. Thanks.

This is beautiful!

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