3D Delrin Engraving



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So I just had to try the seal design in my Delrin test with 3D engraving. I took the letter C into Photoshop and added an outer glow with a custom contour, plus a Neon Glow filter, to give some greys around the shape of the C. Flipped it horizontally and added it to a 0.75 inch vector circle. I engraved it with the following settings: Speed 1000, power 100, Map Greys to Power with minimum power 10, 675 LPI. The one on the left is with one pass and the one on the right was with two (it went all the way through the 1/16" Delrin). But I got a really nicely curved 3D engrave, as you can see when I push polymer clay into the Delrin:

I guess I need to get some 1/8" Delrin, or use that 1/4" stuff I’ve got.


I like the 3D effect on that - a lot. :grinning::+1:


Very fine. I am so looking forward to getting a full embossing setup in Corian or in Delrin. Soon, soon.


Wow–these look great, and the settings are very helpful. Thanks for sharing this!


Very cool!


So cool! Thanks for sharing the settings - I need to add them to my master list!


It really does look like a wax seal on an envelope!


Neat experiment and result!
@takitus has displayed some of the most striking 3D engraves I have seen, I am anxious to see what he does with the map power to gray setting.


thanks! me too… cant wait to get my pro =)


Heck yeah! Love dem curves.