3D Engrave - Holy Communion


Hi there!

Another 3D Engrave !
Have to try it in a dofferent type of wood but in the UK it’s not easy to find solid wood!

Well! The result is quite good! I liked it!



Nice results! (My grandmother had that painting replica on her wall over the kitchen table…brings back some fond memories.) :grinning:


I got good results with a last supper on a BBQ Plank. They were soft and 3D engraved very well.
This particular brand (True Fire) is hard to find but are only nine bucks a pack.
(No idea what that is in UK so will go with Very Cheap).

4 - 7x8 and 5 - 7x16 planks in a pack. 0.21 to 0.22 thick.
Some have knots but most are clean.
As seen on the long board picture there is a logo on them. It is not deep and does sand off if need that full length.

Big box stores also sell BBQ planks, but then it seems they get pricey and no clue as to the BBQ sales in the UK, (but Men have to cook there too right?).


Had to put this in here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bamboo cutting boards work well, too. When I was dialing in the settings for a couple of wedding gifts, I initially turned the pews up way too much and took off nearly 1/8" of material!


Wow, that is a really amazing 3D engrave!


Turned out great!

@brokendrum Thank you for the cedar plank tip!


I found 12 of these for only $19.99 on AMAZON :slight_smile: Works out to $1.66 EACH!