3d Engrave question


What material have people done 3d engraves on?


I’ve used draftboard & basswood so far and have been really pleased.


Draftboard, hardwood flooring, sandstone tile.


Plus various acrylics - e.g. PG Medium Clear Acrylic, also red and green.


Poplar and acrylic. The sootier woods are, well, sootier. And sometimes a gummy residue builds up on part of the engrave.


Proofgrade walnut was used for the GF proof a while back:

I won’t get mine for a while but I’ll be looking for reliable materiel too. I have a project to replace the aging poster for my Grandfather’s medals with a 3d engraved plaque based off the original. Part of the reason I got the Pro, for the passthrough.


@Dan - It would be nice to have this as a freebie. It’s a nice demo and brand advocate.


Not a bad idea - will put that in the hopper.