3D Engrave!


Hi there,

Here is the Logo that I’ve converted to 3D engrave friendly.

Really liked the results!



Wow! That’s impressive!


What type of wood did you use?


Maple Hardwood!


Oh yeah! It’s gorgeous. I really ought to try something like that…


I’m considering trying the 3D. Could you please proved the process you used.


That looks fantastic! Nice work.


Excellent! Nice work on the globe elements.


Did my first one and it was ok, but not nearly as nice!


Hi there,

I’ve used the exact same image in colour attached…converted into B&W and only in the globe so it didn’t show the reflection cutting the globe, I’ve added another map/globe on top of it. worked a bit on the specularity/shading and that was it!

I hope that helps!


Thank you very much it does help. I’ve been trying to make changes to lighten up the pictures.

John St Myers