3D Engraved Wall Art, {10,3} Tiling of Hyperbolic disc


Pretty! Would make a nice clock, if there were 12 sections instead of 10. :slight_smile:

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Oh, very cool! :grinning:

:open_mouth: Brilliant!

Nice looking piece.

Just sayin’ :wink:


Thank you! I was less than pleased that in the last 10 minutes of a 3+ hour engraving, the laser hit a knot just right and knocked a chunk out of one of the sections.

I already have to use both Imperial and metric measurements, Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures, and standard and military (also used for medical charting) time. I refuse to try to learn yet another system. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reminds me of a steel drum.


I worked for years from 7:18 AM until 3:48 PM and we always recorded our time to the nearest tenth of an hour.

It’s all good.


Better than the Japanese that just divided the daylight into a fixed number of hours and had to adjust the clock speed every day to account for it. I have seen some of the antique clocks that had a scale on the pendulum so you adjusted the distance of the weight to the rotation point.

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it would be most interesting use of a Glowforge to make a magic fingered one in oak plywood. I have been doing some experimenting in that area, and the oak plywood is especially resonant and loud.

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Some of the things they do just baffle Western minds. :wink: They number their houses as they’re built, and name neighborhoods rather than streets, so trying to find a particular address you need to get to is a special kind of fun!

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Nice! For some reason it reminded me of naked footprints, except there are too many little toes…

I’ll never be able to unsee it now! =)

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