3D engraving of a Hyperbolic Pentagon Tiling


This came out SO well. Mathematica, to inkscape, to glowforge interface. It’s a 12" diameter, 1/2" thick, pine disc that I picked up cheap from Lowe’s. The engraving look a whopping 2.5 hours, but I love how it came out. Finding that non-proofgrade is engraving much nicer than proofgrade


Turned out nice! :grinning:


That’s pretty cool. Kinda fractal.


Basically yes! (Feel free to stop there before the math explaination) The pattern is regular in hyperbolic space, but not in euclidean space. Hardest part of this design was getting the code together to find the vertices of each shape.


Thanks! Took over 2 hours and I had to roll the dice with a thunderstorm, so I’m glad it turned out.


This is stunning!


This is an absolutely beautiful design!


Wow that is great! I was looking at those at Lowes thinking in terms of mounting it on top of a base I was thinking how to make tall enough and strong enough, and thinking of engraving holes for fingers on the bottom. For some reason I had not gotten to thinking of the top.

I wonder if Mathematica could work out the design in 3d that would make a strong 28" base?

I cobbled together a bunch of ideas that survived structurally but artistically not so much : https://community.glowforge.com/t/a-proof-of-concept-big-and-round/24000/9?u=rbtdanforth


Thank you!