3D Engraving Texture: Circular Perforated Metal Pattern


Here’s a tile-able depth map image for a circular perforated metal effect.

For those that are new to 3D, the black areas will be “carved” the deepest while white is left untouched. If you want the white part of the image to be carved out instead, use an image editor (or Inkscape, Illustrator and Affinity Designer will also do it) to invert the colors.

Happy Engraving!


I’m really interested in learning the technique of depth mapping. You had mentioned Zbrush a while back, (cough, cough - ahem) Proud of that aren’t they?


Zbrush is worth it if you’re going to put it to good use. It’s a pretty extensive and powerful program and it’s a good price compared to other digital sculpting options.

ZbrushCore is less expensive however it does not have the ability to render out a depth map. You could probably use MeshLab to do that part though.

Blender is a popular one but I have not used it to see its feature set.


Blender’s feature set is pretty full, but, as with most open source, finding the right instructions for your build can at times be a bit challenging. or the price, it’s worth playing with if your interested, and there is a lot of tutorial material out there for blender.


Oh sweet! Love your shares! :blush:


I definitely agree with @mpipes!
I’m a daily user and abuser of ZBrush and it’s amazing! It takes a little bit of patience to get used to the UI and to remember where things are, nut you can accomplish things that would be really hard to do in other software packages.
ZBrush Core is limited, but it’s a great way to get your feet wet. Also if you’re considering a tablet for artistic endeavors on your computer, Wacom has this awesome bundle (Intuos tablet + ZBrush Core license):


Dang! I recently bought the entry level intuos… Thanks for that link! I may have to be redundant :persevere:


BTW for anyone that wants to venture into ZBrush territory their official and FREE tutorial videos are excellent!:

Also their YouTube channel:

and Twitch channel: