3D Etched Lake Map

This was a test piece, but it turned out so nice, I decided to finish it with some Orange Padauk trim. Started with a PDF map of the lake, cleaned up some of the repetitive details (depth numbers), exchanged colors with varying shades of grey to get the 3D depth, and played with settings (proofgrade was nearly perfect) and overlays (the compass rose is a second operation 3D etch with a much faster speed). This was the proofgrade walnut. The final larger piece (5 hour cut) on a 0.25” piece of maple.


Guess I got to be That Guy again and ask What Lake Is It?
Came out nice.

Bonus Points if someone other than @jenksc4 answers…

Obviously, Lake Winnebago.


Yay, Lake Winnebago! Just so you know one of those clamps is dangerously close to crushing my house. :slight_smile:


Very nice! (Your test cases look better than my end products!) :smile:

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Looks fantastic. The engraving worked great.

Heh heh. Guess that engraved lake name near the clamp gave it away. This is a really nice piece! It would grace any living room.

I absolutely love this type of project on both the lake and city scapes. Is anyone aware if someone has done an actual tutorial for dummies on how to do these? They always look phenomenal and this one is no exception. Great work.