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I need help making some 3D Allison transmissions. I have all the pictures needed just dont have the know how. Anyone interested?/

Umm… could you clarify that just a bit? “3D Allison transmissions”?

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Here is one, but it looks more like a 3D print than a laser thing.

Oh! Okay. there happens to be a store called “Allison’s Transmissions” and I was thinking maybe you needed to make a sign or a logo or…

That would definitely be more of a 3D print rather than a glowforge project, although I guess you could stack a LOT of parts…

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So a stacked keychain is what I am after. So not necessarily 3D. Probably 3 layers. That’s where I need som guidance.

Here’s a picture of an Allison transmission, much like the transmission that’s in my GMC Sierra 2500HD pickup. I don’t see any way to make a stacked model out of 3 layers that’s going to look like anything except a somewhat lumpy profile.

Is that what you’re looking for? A profile of an Allison that you can cut to make in to a key chain fob?


This is what I am after.

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