3D Illusion - Engraved Acrylic LED Lamps



I saw these for sale on Touch of Modern but would rather make one. Basic Acrylic+LED signage with a nice spin. Im assuming the process will be: Make/Get a digital 3D model, set view as wireframe with back-faces disabled, export flat image from which paths can be traced, and then let your glowforge do its thing.(?) Since it wont actually be 3D beyond the depth of the acrylic and the base of your choosing I’m guessing Viewing angle is probably important to achieve full effect. Cheers!


More ideas for stuff to make, people on this board are going to make me spend a lot of money on materials.
Good find. Thanks


How many layers could you stack?


I have seen three layer stacks with different colors of LED’s under each layer. I do not see why you could not make larger stacks with a different image on each layer.


This is actually my next project. :grin:


That’s what I was thinking. Do the colors ‘stick’ fairly well to the layer they’re lighting or do they color the adjacent layers too?


My guess, from making edge-lit acrylic stuff, is that it pretty much stays inside the layer as long as the layers aren’t in solid contact with each other.


This type of stuff is already on my list to make when I get my forge.
I already have LED strips and controllers bought!


I wonder if you could get more depth with layers engraving front and back on these in addition to the optical illusion


hey @staff, how about a redo of the globe from the video only using stacked acrylic sheets engraved and lit from below by one of your tea lamps.


Three layers, mmmmm, RGB? The viewing angle would be critical to see a “colour” image but it may be possible to create some interesting effects from other angles.


I think this was linked before…


Thanks, I must have missed it first time around.


Awesome, you beat me to it…I knew there was a link but couldn’t find it earlier.:grin: