3D-Jigsaw Cube Puzzle

The Escher-like figure is conformed to a cube made using boxes.py. Cuts following the outline of the figure result in four pieces for each cube face, giving a total of 24 jigsaw pieces. Assembly and dis-assembly is tricky.


Want to see! (Pictures didn’t load.). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not sure why Images did not upload. Here’s a second try:


Nice challenge!

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Oh very cool! :grinning::+1:

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A very tricky puzzle indeed!

Very cute indeed!

Can you also make an Escher like square image with all the pieces?

This shows the pieces assembled into sides and oriented for 3D assembly.


Assembly help photos. On the backside, score a geometric figure to aid in assembling a given side.

Then use blue tape to hold the pieces together for assembly of whole sides together. The fingers may require sone hammer tapping and the straight edges make this easier.


Oh wow! That was worth waiting for!

Do you need the tape because the pieces don’t have enough “grip” to each other to hold the face together?

I wonder how well this would work with pieces that have tabs & slots like you’d find on a typical jigsaw puzzle.

By themselves, the pieces have little grip so the tape holds them together. Assembling as a complete face held together with tape facilitates banging with a hammer (softly) to seat the fingers. You could seat each finger piece separately (no tape), but that would be a lot harder.
I put a 3/8" ball bearing in the box before closing the box. Shaking helps to disassemble the contraption, if you ever want to do that.
It’s a pretty useless box …