3D led illusion lamp


Do any one know where i can get files or pictures for 3D illusion lamps I’m new on this and they look awesome and i want to make some i want to be prepare before i get my Glowforge so i can start making some for my kids can someone help


Just go into the search box at the top of the page and type in EDGE.

You’ll be good to go after that with all the edge lit tutorials and projects.


Thank you so much


You could use an app like MeshLab (for the Mac, I’m sure there’s one for PCs) to open a 3D model .stl file, rotate your object to get the desired aspect, then display it as a wireframe and take a snapshot. MeshLab outputs a .png that might work well for engraving acrylic.


Thank you for your help


The mesh line ones look way better if you can get them in vector so they can be a score line instead of engrave…it goes way faster too…
I’ve done a few but don’t design in 3D so I’m still learning…lol


I need to learn how to do that!


You and me both…lol. I’m too old to learn new things…not
I just wish I had the time…lol


Do these actually have a 3d effect? It appears just to be an edge-lit sign and I wouldn’t guess that it would look 3d even if you had the Tron-lookin’ artwork.


absolutely, but only from specific angles. presumably this is the sort of thing op was talking about:


Do you make them and if you make them what do you use


no, but they’re not hard once you have a laser. sheet of acrylic, an LED, and the design you want. you can buy designs on the internet with a little adept googling, or you can work to generate the patterns yourself.


Thank you so much for the help and the info