3D map project

This is my first post for something I have created on my Glowforge. I had seen similar maps in galleries in Florida and wanted to try one of “our lake” in Indiana. This is definitely reproducible. I have six variations currently using different layouts of photos and photo frames. It is 24” in width and required the pass through feature of my “Pro” machine.


Lovely job on that. I really like the inclusion of the support information and images.


Great map, and came with an interesting introspection.
Always knew about Tippecanoe and Tyler too, but never really gave it much thought past that slogan.
Therefore the fact that it was an actual place took me by mild surprise.
We go along with a little knowledge of many things, until investigating deeper is influenced by something like this lake map.
Thanks for the Tippecanoe share.


This turned out remarkable. Congrats!


A beautiful map. I like the addition of the photos.

Great job! It looks great