3D model to Laser Cutting

Hello Fellow Forgers.
I am researching how to make those amazing models in the slotted cardboard. I am using Rhino 3D and i have been looking for some kind of way to do this grid from 3D online, and not seeing much.

Does anyone have tips on how to make your 3D work into a grid sculpture?

Eric B.


Autodesk Slicer (a free program for hobbyists) does this wonderfully. I believe it can be used as an add-on for Fusion 360 or standalone.


Seconded. It’s more powerful than it’s predecessor, (making it a little harder to learn to use), but it can do it all.


Oh. Im on a MAC. I can see if I can download it for the mac. It would be SO AWESOME if it works for me. I have some ships that I am designing the insides for. Im happy to post photos too.

If I only had a Laser Cutter. :slight_smile:


I’m a Rhino user too and have not found a good solution to do this yet, I have been learning F360 for this in particular, I looks awesome!


Slicer for Fusion works great on a Mac.

Just watched the video.

Did you hear that? It was my jaw hitting the floor.
I’m shocked. Why do I need to work here for 8 hours. I want to go home and play.



Will Rino output STL? if so you are good to go, If not, is there a program that will take you from Rino output to STL? If so, you are still good to go. Slicer uses STL and does not care where the came from.

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Latter half of this post demonstrates one of the ways to do this within Rhino 3D…

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Yes. Rhino will export STL, no problem.


It is available for OS X…


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I just started playing around with a combo of tinkercad and a site I found called Grid:Space. Tinkercad is a happy hangover from my 3d printer days and grid:space is a stumble upon while trying to figure out slicing for the Glowforge.

Hope that helps.

There’s a command called “contour” in Rhino; I’m guessing it’s what you’re looking for.

Once you get the 3D slices made, I’m guessing working with them in Fusion 360 will be easier, so you might not want to use this anyway. But, if you want to stay in Rhino I made a little video showing how you can slice a 3D object…

(WOW, bravo to YouTube’s automatically-selected thumbnail!)

I watched the video @tom posted above, that looks like a MUCH easier way to get to the end result asked for in the OP. But, if you’re already comfortable in Rhino, it’s nice to see you have an option with it as well.


Slicer for F360 is a delight because it lets you pick a strategy for making the objected printed or laser cut after it is modeled. Most tools require you to design for a specific fabrication strategy. And it works on any arbitrary shape (STL) that you load, not just files from F360.


I have been playing with it. its a game changer for me. Im creating a ton of new objects that I can laser cut… if I had a glowforge. But it is suppose to ship today. For some reason I dont think that will happen.

Thanks all for this. I hope it helps other as well.