3D print adapters for installing Infinity 6" Inline fan

I struggled for a month to figure out the best configuration for the Infinity 6” inline fan and the GF. I have a sensitive nose so I couldn’t stand any burning smell. With the current set up, I have been cutting with 2 GFs for the entire day without any smell in the room. I have came up with several 3D print adapters for my best configuration. They are: GF exhaust port extension, 4” to 6” adapter, 6” mounting adapter. I share it here and hope it will help someone in the process of installing the Infinity 6” inline fan. The 3D files can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4362064/files

My best configuration in order: GF + exhaust extension + 4” duct + 4”to 6” adapters + 6” Infinity Inline Fan + 6” Mounting adapter + Window.

I bought the fan and duct from amazon:


I ordered the same fan and it was delivered already, but still waiting for the ducting to arrive.

I have heard great things about this fan and I cannot wait to try it out.

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Man, when you switch to a larger fan that doesn’t sound like a gas turbine engine, your workshop environment changes drastically. So there are more applications for adding a booster than extra push down a long exhaust run.

That’s when you have your exhaust run nailed. I have a long one running into the furnace room adjacent to my shop, and I had to seal every joint/seam and every elbow of standard 4" vent pipe with caulk. Not a trace of smell for years now. I couldn’t be happier.
Since I have been out of warranty for some time now I also have the glowforge exhaust fan as well as the exhaust grill removed so there is less obstruction for anything to be deposited on (need cleaning) and create turbulence.
The founders designed the machine to be a great portable stand-alone solution. Mine is a permanent installation so an external fan delivered a great benefit for my application.


I am amazed at the increase in price for the Cloudline S6 on Amazon.ca compared to Amazon.com . The difference is way more than the exchange. I will wait until I can go to my US shipping company again & order from .com


Thanks for sharing the files! Should come in very handy.

Nice share!!!

would i just send these to someone with a 3d printer and they can make these?

These look awesome! Do you happen to have a file to connect to the back of the GF and be able to connect 6in duct? Figured it’d be nice to convert from 4to6 right off the GF.

Trying to do the following.
GF - 4to6 adapter - 6in duct - 6in inline fan - 6in duct - 6in port to outside

Thanks. I actually found that the other day. Was just hoping to save 60 bucks by printing it myself since I have a 3d printer

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Someone here posted a design for a 3D printed adapter awhile ago. Worth a search.

I used the stock sheetmetal version (with silicone sealant) from Home Depot myself. It didn’t have the little jog (which I would think would be disruptive to the airflow).

I hear you. Just curious, how much would something like that cost in materials and print time?

You mean the offset? That’s to leave room for the pass through slot on the pro, I believe.

Now I have to go look. I have a pro and haven’t noticed an issue. Pretty sure there’s more than an inch between the outside edge of the connection and the passthrough slot. (A 6 inch dia connector is a 4" one that extends another inch on either side.)

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95% of the cost is print time. It probably takes like 18 hours to print something like that.



Not sure. But it fits perfectly so I’m good with it

Thank you for the file! The adapter for the GF exhaust port was a perfect fit. However, I am unsure if the 6-to-4 reducers printed correctly or not. They seem to be the exact diameter as the inline fan. Is the 6" opening of the adapters supposed to slip in or slide over the S6 opening?