3D Printed Neodymium Magnet Material Hold Down

Which is irritating. They made a big deal about the tray being steel vs aluminum so it could support magnets.

They just need to change the algorithm that if the fan slows or stops for “X” minutes then alert or allow a “continue” option vs full stop.

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I still use my strong bar magnets all the time, but I limit them to the side and bottom. Anywhere the fan may pass over I avoid, using non-magnetic solutions if necessary.


Agree. All it’d take is something like “If the fan slowing down wait 10 seconds and check it again and if it’s not still slowing down, ignore”.


where can I get the magnets good sir

The link to the magnets sold on Amazon is in the original post.

Is anyone selling these holders? I don’t have a 3D printer but would love to have some,

I think @pubultrastar was selling them. You might want to try a PM to him.

Thank you

I stopped selling them after Glowforge made changes that caused an error sometime with the air assist fan. Now, I use these magnets all the time, but only on the front half of the machine. I didn’t want anyone to waste material getting this error, and then blame it on the magnets. Sorry!


Wouldn’t a little piece of thin steel or aluminum in the place of the insert on top of the magnet prevent the magnetic field issue from impacting the fan?

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Worth a try, but I haven’t tried that yet.

If you start selling them again please let me know :slight_smile:

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