3D Printer Christmas Gift Idea - The MakerGear M2 Kits are back

Just a Heads Up…the MakerGear M2 Kits are back for a limited time. They are for the latest and greatest (easiest to use Rev.E) version of the machines.

To build the kits, you need to have a few basic tools (screwdrivers, metric wrench set), and you need to be able to follow written assembly instructions with pictures. They will send you the instructions, the frames, rails, hardware and board, with bundled wiring that needs to be connected according to the diagrams. And they will not spend a lot of time holding your hand through the building process, the reason they don’t offer the kits very frequently is that they don’t have a lot of extra personnel to answer questions, they’re all assembling machines. This is for people who want to build their own machines, because assembly is something they enjoy doing…like putting a puzzle together. So it’s not for everyone.

On the other hand, it is a significant cost savings for those who want to put their own machines together, and they are trying out a referral program for current owners…tell them “Jules sent me. Referral program.” in the comments when you order and there should be a $50 in-house gift card towards extra filament or specialty nozzles/parts or whatever, associated with the deal.

I’ll be honest with you, at this point I’m a little unclear whether I get the gift card or you do. (It’s a new program.) Since they regularly send me things to test without my even asking for it, and I have all the spare parts I’ll need for a couple of centuries, I’ll be happy to sign the card over to you if it turns out that I’m the one who receives it and not you. (Once you become an owner, you can extend that referral to your friends as well, and you can benefit from it.)

For those who want a fully assembled and tested machine instead of the kit, the referral program also works, and you will also get the gift card. (Again, just mention my name.) The only reason I’m bringing this up now is the kits will not be offered for long, although Rick said they should be available through the end of November, but that’s not a promise. When they run out, they run out. If we’re lucky, the kits show up once a year…but it’s been longer than that since they last offered them.

If you do order a kit, you will have to type a special “Secret Squirrel” phrase in the Order Notes section, because they want to make sure you can read and follow the instructions before you order. Don’t forget to add that referral message as well for the gift card.


Nice. If it wouldn’t be my 4th printer…


Oh, but it would be your BEST printer! :wink:

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what about this one,
http://www.ordsolutions.com/rova4d-full-color-blender-3d-printer-pre-order/ :heart_eyes:


Dude! ROFL! :sunglasses:

(Would it hurt anybody’s feelings terribly if I told you that I could do that with an M2?)


Aw Man, this kills me that I can’t pull this off right now! between the Forge, new phone, and probably a new vehicle soon, we are strapped. thanks for sharing though!


I’ve had my eye on one of these since I saw one at a Makerfaire a couple years ago:


I just got mine yesterday. So far though I haven’t been able to play with it because my CEL Robox 3D printers aren’t compatible yet and the printer that I had bought to use this with ended up being a flop. Its replacement hasn’t arrived yet.

My impression though is that the Pallete is a well-made machine.


Oh, please report on how it works out once you have it tested! Several of the guys on the MakerGear forum were speculating on it last year…don’t think anyone there actually bought one though. :slight_smile:

(I’m interested to see if it’s any easier than just chasing in filament, and I’m very curious about how well it blends colors.)


I highly recommend against an ORD solutions printer. I have one. They look cool but are pieces of crap. I’ve been dealing with their support for 3 years. Not worth it. Even the one they brought to maker faire was printing garbage.


Right now the challenge is not having a printer that will work for it. But what I can tell you is that the color blending will depend on the printer hotend. My Robox printers use a hot end with a large mixing chamber to feed two nozzles from the same filament feed. This mixing chamber is a challenge with the Palette since the volume of the mix chamber needs to be taken into account. I don’t know yet if that is possible.
The Robox also uses a needle valve to control flow, giving really crisp starts and stops. This takes special gcode that the Palette can’t handle. So until I get both companies together to hash out the details, I have to get a printer with a traditional hot end to run the Palette. The M3D Micro is tempting because of the size but I don’t know if its software is compatible with the Palette. Then there is a Prusa or clone, or maybe just building my own design.
Once I get something put together, I will let you know how it works.


Ditto - please review the product here when you have had time to check it out.


thanks for the information, I will wait.