3D Printer sales



Yup. You are right.
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Did you see it took him 3 times to get it right & then he filmed it? Wow!


Ordered one from gearbest, thanks for the heads up. I’ve had a FlashForge for many years and have been looking for a bigger print bed. I’m hoping to get some more speed out of the Bowden and single hot end too. This should be a good work horse for PLA printing. I also added in the glass bed for $22. Read quite a few comments about warped beds from the factory.


My bed is relatively flat. I’ve seen most of the warped bed complaints from people who bought earlier, but I added the glass bed anyway. I’m getting great results with PLA. I replaced the feeder assembly on the extruder with an aluminum one, which is slightly easier to load than the injection molded one that came included on the printer.

I’m trying TPU now, with poor results, but I expected that I would have to get it dialed in before I’d get decent results with that filament.


I own several, starting with laser-cut (! -obligatory laser cutting content!) printer five years ago. Now I have five, each with its own quirks, and by ‘quirks’ I mean these things make my 'forge Pewtie look positively plug and play.

You get to juggle mechanical, electronic, software, firmware, filament selection and other problems in a positive choeography to get acceptable results.

And I just bought a NEW DLP printer. It doesn’t used filament at all, rather a UV-setting resin. Makes the difference in output quality akin to the difference between the Sistine Chapel and the Lascaux cave paintings, but it’s even more fiddly.

You really need a deep geek streak when you step off into 3D printing at this point.


I was watching the laser and gel version, but it is a long way from table top cost wise. Gel was super special select secret sauce.

Might look into the UV one. As long as it is this side of 20 grand, never know.


I was really debating whether or not I want to deal with resin; looking at the Anycubic Photon.


Got a Wanhao D7 on Sunday. First print - nothing. Second print - perfect. Third print - pushing it. This is the result:

This thing shows detail and finish FAR above anything I’ve been able to get with my other machines.

fourth print - nothing…

It’s very ‘fiddly’ and I haven’t had the time to mess with it. I’m hoping to get some time this weekend.

One thing - once you start a print, you have plenty of time to go 'forging. That cube was four-plus hours of printing, followed by a bath in isopropyl alcohol to remove excess resin, then a bit of time under UV (sunlight works) to finish curing.

Some of the ‘fiddly’ might be due to the software provided by Wanhao, but a lot of the other parts appear to be the nature of resin printers in this price range.


I finally got a tracking number! Saturday is the day!


I’ve had a tracking number for days and mine isn’t scheduled to arrive until the 27th. I apparently have some sort of shipping curse on me!


I finally had some time yesterday to get the EZABL Mini installed on my machine yesterday. I highly recommend getting one if possible (from TH3d). You’ll need an Arduino or Raspberry Pi available to flash a bootloader on the machine and update the firmware. It was an instant improvement on the already great results I’ve been getting with the machine.

I also recommend at a minimum getting a glass bed and some Magigoo. The Creality glass bed (235x235) is available on Amazon.

So far, I’ve gotten great results with PLA and PETG; and usable results with TPU, which requires more tuning. Over the weekend, I’ll be printing the parts to make an enclosure out of a couple of Ikea Lack tables to allow me to test ABS.


I’m just taking notes on everything you say and following your lead, although probably more slowly. :wink: Please don’t stop posting!


I can’t decide how much detail to post here since it’s not really a 3D printing forum, but I want to make sure that anyone following in my footsteps gets similar results after following my recommendation. I get the sense that I might already have some annoyed SO’s wanting to track me down when they see purchases that people have made.

I will say that I am incredibly happy with this printer, and given the results and price, I ordered two more machines and a CR10s. I get another Ender 3 on Friday, and thw CR10s should be here on Saturday. The other E3 is a couple of weeks out.


Hah. Those SOs need to take it up with their partners. I don’t think my husband was entirely thrilled about my purchase so soon after the GF, but he gets it. I married well in that regard, or perhaps he did as I give him space for his hobbies (he’s more of a gamer than a maker).

I appreciate all the tips… I tend to spend way too much time making decisions and reading everything I can, so it’s nice sometimes to just follow someone else’s lead. Hopefully no one is bothered by your posts since they are confined to this thread.

Anyway, I still have another week+ til mine arrives and it’s the day before I leave for vacation. I have a lot of anticipation left before I can set it up and get it going.


I spend a lot of time reviewing information and understanding every angle I can, but when I make a decision, I go with it and see where it leads. Sometimes I get burned, but I always learn something new.


I was eyeing the same build on thingiverse.


Which is seems to be on sale for $8.99, since I swear it was $14.99 two days ago.


Brown/Black are $14.99, Black is $8.99.


I ordered a few in black.


I got my printer this afternoon. It is currently printing out the test dog file. So far so good!