3D Printer sales



Mmmmm, yeah! :yum:


They were yummy, but the staff forgot to give them to the cast last night. Very sad. :frowning:


Likely so they could eat them themselves… :smile:


So, I finally broke down and bought the Anycubic Photon. I’m hoping that I’ll have time to set it up over the weekend. Assuming that I quickly learn how to use it, and can deal with the fume issues, now I need to come up with a creative project where I can combine all of my 3D printing, CNC and GF tools into a single effort.


If so, I hope they get really sick! That’s a LOT of cupcakes, even if they are minis.


I love my Mk3 (although it is down now, after I did the MMU 2.0 upgrade which included the V3 extruder upgrade, something is very wrong in the filament path inside the V6, which I suspect is somehow bad PTFE tubing as it is extremely hard to feed even manually into the hotend). My prior printer was an E3D BigBox which was a workhorse and produced beautiful big prints, but was a lot more manual, but when you got it tuned right was awesome.


Oh, you all are such enablers! :smirk:

Look what just finished building at my house!

Didn’t take 10 days like the one above, but pretty excited for my very first print! (After a Benchy, of course!)

I went with a Reliabuild 3D. Fun to put together…good thing I have an engineer father who likes to help!


Nice print. I have this on my list of projects to do (which seems to consistently get longer, not shorter).

I haven’t seen those printers before, but they look pretty good. Congratulations.

It looks like there’s still some over extrusion on that print, so additional tuning should make it look even better right off the bed.



Banana for scale :grin:


Dang it! Knew I forgot something! :grinning:

I’m doing them all 1:270 scale…so this little guy is about 5 inches. I was going to do the Orville too…but it would be huge!!!


Toner Plastic has PLA on clearance for 2.2lb/$10. Got some last time they had it clearance and it prints well. Just stocked up on 6 more spools.

Recommendations on 3D Printers?

I’ve never heard of them, but they have a few colors that I’ve not seen before. I’ll have to check them out.


TBH its the only brand I have used so I have limited comparison but they print well for me so far on the MK3. They had a clearance when I bought my printer so I ordered 6 spools to practice on, and well I am still using those and now have another 6 coming. :smiley: Their normal price is around $31.


Thanks for that link. That’s several dollars cheaper than I’ve been using. Even with shipping it beats A##zon Prime.


Thanks. Bought a stash. I should be good for awhile now!


While working through a whole slew of laser projects that I was behind on, I decided to try switching firmware on one of my Ender 3s. I installed Klipper as a replacement for Marlin; Klipper uses a Raspberry Pi to drive the calculations, and only uses the onboard controller to drive the steppers. I was able to drive the printer up to 100mm/s with acceptable results.



Looks like they still have some stock.


I got the platinum silver, which I think is now out of stock. My printer settings aren’t quite dialed in, but that filament is pretty.


Yeah! I got three spools of the Platinum Silver but they shipped me Silver Linings. The other colors differed from what I ordered to what they say now. The other on there now still was Rustic Red = > Bright Maroon. I do like the silver tho.


FYI, for anyone that’s purchased the Ender 3 recently: some people have reported the power connectors burning up.