3D Printer sales



Thank you. I think my fan is dying, but I need to sit down and examine everything, update the firmware, etc. I’d rather be lasering… :wink:


I’m working on a couple of projects that are joint 3d printing/lasering projects, so I’ve been upgrading my printer(s). The danger with the printers (and my CNCs): sometimes I get into a zone where designing and upgrading parts becomes more addictive than completing the projects that I had planned to use them for.


I can totally see that. I’ve done no upgrades at all and haven’t even fine-tuned the settings to get a really clean print. Mostly I’ve been printing snakes and fish, both of which I love (thanks, @geek2nurse!). But now I have to get “serious” and make sure I won’t burn the house down. Maybe I’ll print some mods. … I got a new extruder for Christmas, so I do want to install that. And then I’ll print all the things…


Here’s one of my printers, with upgrades printed in a really ugly PETG filament that I needed to get rid of.


Looks kind of snazzy!


I have two IKEA LACK tables waiting in the corner for me to print 40+ hours of connectors, handles, and hinges. And to buy some plexi panels to build an enclosure.


The printer above is sitting on two stacked LACK tables. I originally planned to build an enclosure with them, but they’re too cramped for my long arms, so I’m trying to figure out an alternative.

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