3D printing custom figurines



I’m currently playing my first pathfinder campaign and we don’t currently have good figurines for our characters to place on the battle map. I was thinking that it would be an awesome surprise to show up to a game and give them a character figurine that actually looked like their character (i.e. we have a frog-man character who currently just looks for the smallest figurine the DM has).

We have:

  • Frog-man (in gameplay, he is about 2 ft tall)
  • Ocean druid (she talks with aquatic animals and will be able to grow tentacles eventually)
  • Human Wizard (looks more like a Monk with a walking staff)
  • Human (blood-rages into a werewolf type character)
  • Oracle (Tattoos and Arcane markings)

I thought that 3D printing would be the best way to get this done, but none of us have any 3D printing experience and I really don’t know the first thing about mocking something up for 3D printing.

Does anyone have any suggestions about where to find good d&d miniatures, or how to create something to be 3D printed, and where to go to get something printed.


They have a very nice UI to create your own characters. Printing them is not cheap, depending on the material you select. I have not actually gotten anything printed from them. But I really like their website.


Go to http://www.thingiverse.com, and check that someone hasn’t already modeled them. Modeling figurines from scratch is hard (unless you have a lot of experience in 3D modeling) since people/animals/fantasy characters are extremely complex organic shapes.


The printing is the easy part… the modeling is the killer :slight_smile:


That site is awesome. I quickly did a figurine and it came out at $15 for a nylon print for a 30mm tall figure. Not bad for the options and the selection. Certainly gets very expensive to make it bigger.

When I used to play D&D it would have been awesome to have this, but I probably at that time couldn’t afford it either. The problems of youth - drive, but no money.


I’ve made a few in Poser, and they were OK. Seems like Heroforge is like poser specifically for game figures.


Try Daz 3D – originally was Zygote who made the first Poser figures, but I think much better. Also – ZBrush is the ultimate in figure creation – and if you don’t want to spend that kind of money, they have a stripped down free version to get started on.


Yes, I have used some Daz figures, although since I mostly do medical animations, don’t often use most of their stuff, which tends toward game design and fantasy stuff. I might get in trouble at the medical center using some of those figures :wink:


The preview shows the nylon figurine as being VERY “fuzzy”, is that normal? I don’t have the delicate tools to sand those tiny surfaces down smooth. The premium Plastic looks much more smooth already, but that goes for $30. Based in preview alone, I’m not sure who would go for the normal nylon.


I found these ones: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:945822
monkfish: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1635264
way too much for me to sort through, have fun: http://www.thingiverse.com/search/page:1?sort=popular&q=D%26D&type=collections


I agree - looks like the premium plastic will get you a better finished product (albeit at a higher price).


Don’t forget to laser cut your dungeon tiles!

I am a player of an obscure Avalon Hill RPG called ‘Powers & Perils’ (bonus points if you even KNOW of it, let alone have played it) and dungeon tiles are going to be one of the first items i cut on the 'Forge!

Laser Cut Dungeon Tiles