3D Printing in Metal?

This looks like an interesting project to follow. Seems to be an early work in process. Says to look for a campaign in early 2017. Says an under $3,000 price point.



At MakerFaire NYC it was mysteriously unable to be demoed due to “oh, we can’t calibrate it here at the show”. And given how easy it is to snap an end-mill not sure how this will work in reality. Also talk about needing to vent to the outside, welding fumes are incredibly bad for you…


significantly safer when the welding is happening in an enclosed & vented box, and your face isn’t smack dab in the middle of the plume!

If they can work the kinks out to make it work, I can think of a few vehicle fabricators who would be chomping at the bit. And imagine being able to “print” a custom valve-cover gasket on the glowforge, while “printing” a custom valve-cover (which you would then powder coat and decorate back in the glowforge…


There is also no video where it is fully operating :neutral_face: So we have to wait until January to see how it works , but if it works as they say, I will have to save some money :money_with_wings:.


Speaking of safety been looking at verious typed/species of wood and it would seem the rose woods are extremely toxic to handle/burn with out proper protection.


Saw a video on YouTube of Jay Leno visiting a car restoration place, and they had a metal 3d printer…SOOOOOO WANT!!