3D printing statues: Castlevania Statue

So recently I’ve been more leaning into my 3D printer then my glowforge, one of the things I’ve been working on was dialing in settings for printing some statues. Now I know most statues are better printed on resin printers but can’t tell me not try :rofl::rofl::rofl: my wife says my being stubborn rarely leads to good things …let’s see if we can make a rarity happen.

First attempt was at 100% scale, a 100MM status of Gabriel Belmont from the video game Castlevania Lords of Shadow (PS3). This was the origin story for the Belmont line and for the main Dracula villain arc as well. I played the crap out of that game back in the early 2010’s so naturally I loved the charter model.

Printed the pre-supported model with some Emerald city Green silk PLA from a local Print shop called Printed solid (they are prusa authorized resellers for those that know or care)

All In all not horrible except for a few issues: the hands got fu*ky when trying to remove the pre supports and broke a finger or two, the center stem wouldn’t insert all the way, leaving a gap in the center and making the torso wobble, and there was some loss of detail that while I expected it to happen could have been avoided.

So the solution I came up with next?
I had tried to make it at 350% but the way the file was setup it couldn’t support itself in the early stages even with the pre-supported stuff. So at 250% it was just about perfect. I spent a day and a half printing the base, the legs and the torso, and while I have some sanding to do so I can start the painting process, I have to say this time was MUCH better(rum bottle for scale):

The details really pop, the damaged armor look is amazing and with the wall thickness I put on this it allows me to sand without worrying about going through the main wall. I used cheap PLA from Amazon I know was on the sticky side so I knew it would get the job done. All in all, I’m really happy with this and can’t wait to start printing more figures!

Till next time



My wife keeps asking me “what are we going to do with this plastic stuff?” She says it is all going to end up in the trash eventually; she doesn’t want it just laying around the house…

I keep giving stuff away and people love it, but she just doesn’t see the appeal. (Yet.)

She loves the stuff we make with the Glowforge, but stuff from the 3D printer she just views as cheap junk…


To be fair, there are a lot of really junky STL files out there that are “junk” I don’t do benches, I don’t do articulating toys, I tend to do practical prints like my wife’s Valentines day box or a vase or something for D&D that looks cool, but I also like to print and make things outside of the norms (as you’ve seen by my past posts)


Not having a wife, I don’t have that problem. Good thing, too. (I tend to print larger things…) The final piece of BB-8 is just about done. Now I need to start working on electronics and a drive system.

(And for the record, the internal connectors and lenses for all of the LEDs are cut using a Glowforge.)


Looks great. I’d love to get one sometime soon if possible. I got a chance to use one the other day and they are fun


The condition my wife set to agree to the Glowforge was that I could not hoard my creations all over the house, so I gift most of my creations (except for a precious few) to remain compliant.


I need to make something for my wife’s company which requires a 3d printer, so when the company has the budget, I’m cleared to get one. Guess I better start learning Fusion…


Look at the FLSUN SR, much better quality than an ender and less moving parts means slightly less learning curve


The FLSUN SR is one of the larger printers too, but I don’t think it is enclosed (but that only matters for the nastier filaments, ABS, ASA, PC, etc.)

I am enjoying the Bambu Lab printers with their appliance-like plug and play. I haven’t had to do any tinkering with settings yet (though I know eventually I will). And I have had some amazing quality out of it; my friends with other 3D printers have been amazed (and jealous, I sense).


That teal material is really slick!


Yep and this model has less moving parts so there’s less to go wrong. And trust me there has been plenty of “Goes wrong” and learning curve but that’s half the fun, right?


It’s technically an emerald green but it does look a bit teal


I’m very interested in Bambu Labs due to the ease of use factor. Hopefully I’ll get an X1 with AMS later this year.


I have been loving mine. This weekend I printed a Mandalorian Helmet; my kids all love it (I will probably have to make more).


I need to get my 3d printers back in working condition. I’m missing all this fun.


I also need to get mine back up. Never did get the resin one running properly.


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