3d scanning from a cell phone

Just found this cool video and thought it could be useful for designing new 3d objects.

It’s a bit lengthy so the TLDW is here’s some free software that will let you take a ton of photos from every conceivable angle and turn it into a 3D model.


THAT’S COOL! I’ve used the 3d laser scanners before so I think it’s pretty cool getting a similar point cloud from just your phone

Very cool!

I have some ideas that could benefit from something like this, would definitely save some time on modeling.

I wonder, can it be used for entire rooms?

Video author claims you can scan a room.


You should be able to. I’ve never used this software, but I’ve definitely constructed 3D models from a series of pictures. It’s a great way to get you and your loved ones as a model.

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If anyone here has an Xbox Kinect 2 camera, check out the 3D Scan app for Windows 10. The Kinect even has a 1/4" mount nut for tripod or selfie stick use with a laptop.

How-to video here:

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Doesn’t 123D Catch do this? I’m thinking of downloading it, and it should work well with 123D Make and Design.

http://skanect.occipital.com/ is also a good app for 3d scanning using the kinect.


Good tips on the Kinect camera. I have a neglected Xbox sitting around and now I can cannibalize it.

The end results are similar, but the way they go about doing it is different, and you might get better results one way than you do another.

123D Make uses a series of photographs and mathematical wizardry to determine the shape of an object.

Using a Kinect is more like using a video camera, at multiple frames per second. It doesn’t take a series of stills, it takes a video. It also has a second camera it uses at the same time, which shines an infrared mesh on the object. As it’s filming, the mesh is flashed on the subject, giving it a sense of the shape it’s looking at in front of it.

Combined together, it gets a better and more fluid view of objects than the series of photos could.

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Pretty cool! at the end of the video, there’s a link to Autodesk Memento Beta. That looks pretty cool, too. Google Camera has a “Photo Sphere” feature that maybe could be useful here. Can’t seem to find it in Google play to link it, but it’s on my Nexus 5 phone. Maybe bundled with Snapseed or Google Photos or something. Need to play around with it more to find out how useful it is for this type of application, though.