3d sintering

In thinking about sintering I can see the possibility of making cardboard like “paper” of sintering powder and binder that the Glow Forge would fuse and after, when placed in water the rest would fall apart. This, of course, begs the question of adding another sheet on top and continuing to build in 3d. Which leads to the next problem of depth and lowering the floor as the model got higher and higher. Again the pre-design that took the idea into account even if not used at this time, but allowed for some future would be a great and forward looking thing.


If you had sinterable sheets, they might not blow away, but you’d likely need a manual method for adding the sheets, which would be slow. I wonder if it would work to have the laser cut away the waste parts rather than dissolve, although that would make for support issues sometimes.

Even with the ones that work that way the waste material remains till the job is done. Manually adding another sheet that is the same size as the one below would not be hard. The big question is if the sheet above could bind with the one below. I was even thinking of a bottom “cardboard” of slightly lower melting point to drop down and increase the bond. No matter what there will be a need for long-term research and that is well down the road.

My concern at the moment, however, is that there be no design part of the machine that would make that impossible when you arrived down that road.
Like having the ability for the lens to rotate my concern is not for the moment that it do so but that it not be prevented from doing so in the future.