3D topo engrave projects

Have been working on some projects for friends and clients. Wanted to share the engraves.


Neat engraves!

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Wow - those look so cool!

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Those look great! Your friends and clients are going to love them! Wonderful 3d effect.

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I still have some cleaning to do but don’t want to go crazy. I’m really happy with them overall.


Really, really nice! Are you planning on tinting them?

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Very cool! What thickness is the material you used?

It’s .25 maple ply that has a draft board core so I can get really great engraves with the woodgrain showing on the surround. We have a really cool local plywood place. The guys have been willing to order things in for me which has been ace. I think it helps that I make them random fun things that I bring in. The owner just asked me if he could order some magnets and coasters with their logo to sell in the shop. It’s becoming a really awesome relationship!



I want to find a local plywood place to have that relationship with! =P

These must take forever to engrave, eh?
Really lovely.


Wow! Those look nice

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Yeah the Yellowstone was a deep 3D and took 3.5 hours. :rofl: now I need to gently clean the surface a little more.

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Woah, the depths look sooo good! Almost makes that 3.5 hours worth it!

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I outlined the lakes and did an additional score which I feel like really brought them out. Well on Yellowstone. I’m going to do a second one for another set of friends that live in Sandpoint and spend tons of time in the CDA like. I really want to highlight that piece in particular.

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Ive been dying to figure out how to do this exact thing. What is the secret. Color gradients for engraving? multilayered svg files? I really want to get more use out of my GF.

What type of wood did you use?

It was 1/4” maple ply that had an mdf core.

Did you use grey scale images for the engrave? Sorry for the back to back questions but I’m intrigued.

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I did use grey scale.

My brother and sister in law hike a lot; I may try something like this using their hiking routes for Christmas gifts!

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I really need to be better about photography. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
My studio has been a hot mess lately and I’m remodeling it this weekend and plan on having a staging area just so I can photograph pieces.

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