3DPrinter operators, especially eNABLE printers and volume printers

Intservo is finally ready to announce this so here goes:

One of the local distributors for eSun filament here in the US is trying to establish a web site for volume printers…and they are offering a very nice discount to those who sign up. Those who print as a business or those who buy large amounts of filament for projects like eNable can get a significant discount by joining the new website they have set up and ordering the filament through Intservo.

eSun is a very nice filament, particularly for PLA, PLA+, ABS and PETG, and they’ve got some new ones under development.

Here’s the email they just sent with the particulars on the program:

Signup on xyzfabs.com(free), get 25% off eSUN filament

It has been over a year since we update our customers. Thank you for being our loyal customers.

INTSERVO has partnered with xyzfabs.com to run promotions. Right now, by simply signup on https://www.xyzfabs.com (which is totally free), you automatically get 25% off eSUN filaments coupon.

XYZFABS.COM is a new website we want to see it success. It is a free website designed to help 3d printing and related services globally. We will regularly run promotions on xyzfabs.com for new and existing users there and actively participate in xyzfabs forum discussion for eSUN filaments. We will also publish new materials and also invite trial participants in xyzfabs.com forum.

Signup on xyzfabs.com, get a 25% off code automatically. We will even give 30% off code to you if you help on any one of below:

  1. Register your Fab there. If you list your service on 3dhubs, makerxyz or the like, it is natural for you to list on xyzfabs.com. It is free. After you register your account there, you can send an email to admin@xyzfabs.com to enable your Fab listing privilege. We will assign a 30% code to you.


  1. Share this great news to your social media, such as share or comment on reddit about this promotion, or share this news on your facebook or twitter, or share on 3d forums/groups you participate. We appreciate your help on letting other people know the promotion and the new website. And we will assign a 30% code to you. Just email to admin@intservo.com about your help. Thank you first!

Like this on facebook: Like Signup on xyzfabs.com (free), get 25% off eSUN filament on Facebook

Thank you for your business.

INTSERVO 3D Filament Store
Authorized eSUN distributor in USA

P.S. we have some new materials in trial. If you are interested, please take a look at this post in xyzfabs forum:

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 14586
Durham, NC 27709

Go get your discount and keep up the good work guys! :relaxed:


Any of the other e-NABLErs here ever use eSun filament? Don’t want to go ordering a bunch and then find my hands crack or melt or some other unwanted thing.


Not an eNabler, but they have great PLA+, and the PETG is top notch.

That said, they sometimes have trouble with a bad spool, like all filament. If you contact William at INTSERVO, he’ll replace it.

I got one bad spool (brittle out of the wrapper) out of about three dozen, over a year or so. It was the dark green PLA…think they used too much dye in the batch. I still use it, it just breaks going in sometimes.

William’s a good hand…just about all the M2 users go to him for their colored filaments. :slight_smile:



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I’ve used a little bit of their product… :innocent:

After much searching and testing, I’m now 100% eSun. PLA+ whenever possible, but their standard PLA is awesome, too.

@Jules — I just got the email and was going to post this excellent news, thanks! :squeeee: :squeeee: :squeeee: :squeeee: :squeeee:


I just bought a spool of PLA+ from eSun. I want to assemble my A8 tomorrow and see what I can do.

I feel like a child with a new toy!


Nothing to lose by signing up. (I don’t need the referral discount by the way, one of you can use it if you like.)

Keep the code they issue to you…it might be good for life. ( I’m a little bit unclear on that part 'cause the discussion happened during a very busy time over the holidays.). Don’t quote me on it, but it might be re-usable indefinitely.

I asked him at the time if he would like me to announce it here, because I knew a bunch of you were eNABLERs and probably run through a lot more filament than I do. He wanted a little more time to get the web site ready.

There’s no catch. :slight_smile:

You can shoot William an email if you want more clarification on the details. Tell him I sent you to him for some more info.

Just PM me for his email.


Enjoy the A8. My son got one for Christmas. I may have been playing with it more than he. My excuse is that I am fine tuning it, and dialing it in. :grin:

Lots of fun.


That’s not an excuse, it’s your duty as a responsible parent :sweat_smile:


Update on the Discount for eNABLE printers:

William at INTSERVO googled my initial post, so he answered the question for us about how long that 25% discount is good for…

If you sign up for the xyzfabs.com forum, even if you do not list yourself as a Fab (fabricator) and you send them an email with your username from the forum and tell them that you do eNABLE work, you get the lifetime discount on the filament that you order through INTSERVO.

Here’s the email he sent:

To answer some questions in your post, yes all eNablers are entitled to have “permanent” 25% off eSUN filaments, regardless of whether they list printing service(Fab) on xyzfabs.com or not. It is a community we want to support all the time. Any eNablers who register on xyzfabs.com, if he/she does not want to list their printing service to public, they can still get “permanent” 25% off by just emailing to admin@xyzfabs.com with his user id and also mentioning he is an eNabler participant.

Well, if they list their service to public (called Fab on xyzfabs), they will get 25% off permanently. Their 25% code will be automatically refreshed every month.

As we just finished the site and are ready to let people know, we are adding some extra incentives to Fab signups. The site is a totally free site. With your help and others, hopefully we can make it very useful site for 3D service providers, especially those who already used 3dhubs or makerxyz. This site is a free Angie’s List style site for 3D service providers.

Extra promotions for Fab listing

For the next 50 Fabs in USA, if you enable your Fab listing, which is free, you get ONE free spool from below filaments, in addition to your 30% off code. After registering your Fab, you just email to admin@xyzfabs.com with the one spool you choose, INTSERVO will add the spool to your next order, free.

List of eligible filaments:

ePC (PolyCarbonate) 0.5KG spool. Available colors: Black, White, Natural. Available sizes: 1.75mm/3mm

eFlex(TPU) 0.5KG spool. Available colors: Natural Semi-Transparent. Available sizes: 1.75mm

eLastic(TPE) 0.5KG spool. Available colors: Natural White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red. Available sizes: 1.75mm

PETG 1KG spool. Any color and any size.

PLA PRO (PLA+) 1KG spool. Any color and any size.

ABS or ABS+ 1KG spool. Any color and any size.