3m double sided sticky tape/maskin

Someone posted about using 3m double sided sticky masking for acrylic projects. I don’t know why I never thought of it before. It made this acrylic project so much easier to let the kids do by themselves (3&5yo) they wanted to paint the letters instead of stuck the cut ones on. I think they did pretty well.


The 3M tape changes everything. It’s so much better than using glue in many cases (it’s definitely cleaner. Ha!). I made a video where i just went all in on using it on everything: What Can You Do with a GLOWFORGE & 3M Adhesive? - YouTube -


I’m glad I clicked over cuz I hadn’t seen you talking about your :glowforge: for beginners classes before (https://glowforgeforbeginners.com/). Not infrequently do we get people on here saying “I will pay, I just want someone to walk me through” - now I’ve got something to recommend :slight_smile:


They did brilliant and the end result of that combined with your design is really nice!


They did a great job. So much cleaner with 3M.

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I still haven’t purchased the 3M tape yet, it’s on my to-buy list. Your signs are so cute! I haven’t seen that before. Love it!


It’s from the glowforge catalog! I needed an activity for my kids to do so I could get a few things done, also now for the next two weeks it’s a good tool to encourage them to eat their dinner to get a countdown to Valentine’s Day treat :rofl:

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I just now looked at the catalog and saw it! It wasn’t there yesterday when I checked it. :slight_smile: I usually only check the catalog once a week, and checked it yesterday while I waited for some stuff to finish cutting. Thought I’d try again today just because I have a little bit before we have dinner. Lots of new designs!!

I just ordered some so I can stick acrylic in a picture frame!

Love these, they’re so cute :smiley:

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I watched your video on YouTube! I’m just waiting for the 3M tape to arrive!

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