3M Self-adhesive... safe to cut?

I’ve read a lot of posts about people using various forms of self-adhesive on the underside of their cuts so that the cutouts can be easily adhered to something. While I was waiting on my order of “3M 467MP 200MP Adhesive” to arrive, I stumbled upon something (for a different laser type) that basically said “cutting these will vaporize the glue, forming a coating on the lens that will ruin the lense”.

So, of course, now I’m sitting here stuck between, “well everyone else is doing it” and “this one source says it will ruin my machine” (probably over time). I found the MSDS sheet for this 3M material, but cannot find anything on there one way or another to validate the warning.

Source: http://wiki.atxhs.org/wiki/Laser_Cutter_Materials


  • Material with Sticky Glue Backing

There are many normally laserable items such as thin wood laminates that you can purchase that become un-cuttable when the manufacturer adds a layer of peel-off glue on the bottom to attach them to surfaces. Examples include cork tiles, thin wood laminate, acrylic tiles, and paper stickers. Never cut these materials in the laser cutter if they have this backing. The glue will vaporize forming a coating on the lens that will coat it, cloud it, heat it, and then potentially crack the lens. The glue residue is worse than resin, and can’t be removed without risking damage to the lens … requiring a lens replacement.

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if that’s true, then every architecture / architectural model company / architecture school in the world is in big trouble. because we cut 3M backed veneer sheets by the thousands. 10s of thousands. all day long. the vast majority of models are built with a contour map base made of 3M backed veneer. sometimes 3M backed cork. i’ve never seen anyone complain of that issue.


looking at the source, i’m guessing the makerspace that put that list out has had issues with people doing stupid things, and probably with people not cleaning the machine. makerspaces are normally more restrictive because people bend rules and mess around with things they shouldn’t because it’s not their piece of equipment worth $10s of thousands of dollars.


:glowforge: proofgrade veneers come with 3M backing. It’s definitely ok.


Does stink like the devil though.


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i was going to say the same thing.

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