3mm Felt Engraving

We have been experimenting with felt engraving. Here are a few of our recent endeavors (additional photos in the comments).
All of the engravings except the middle Piranha Plant in the first photo were done with the following settings 3mm felt:
Speed: 1000
Power: 40
Depth: 0.120
Vary Power
Lines per inch: 195

Speed: 250
Power: 70 (will be switching to 80 for lighter fabric)
Depth: 0.120

The middle Piranha plant is has the same settings for speed and power but here we choose Convert to dots. It did work as well for creating contract between the colors.

We will be increasing the power for cutting next time as it did not quite cut through. We think this is due to the lighter color of this felt. The original test felt in photo 3 was darker.!


Second photo I referenced above:

We aren’t sure why the light colored burning in the piranha plant here is inconsistent and spotty. Any thoughts?


Third photo I referenced above.


You got some very nice effects there! :grinning:

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Great job and thanks for sharing your settings!

I see that you mentioned 3mm felt, but can you be a bit more specific? I have lot’s of different felt and knowing which one you used will make my starting point much easier.



Brilliant, thanks for sharing!

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Hrmmm, off the top of my head I would guess that this is due to either:

Something with the file - FE, I’ve had weird and wonky results with low res graphics.

Or perhaps something to do with the texture of the felt? Like maybe small bits are getting loosened during the engrave process and then blown away by the air assist?


@ruthsolomon, This is the info on the felt I’m using and the store I bought it from. It is thick 3mm wool felt as I’m currently working on making bags and containers. I hope this helps.

@Drea, I don’t believe it is the file as the other three burns from the same file did not have this problem. I agree it might have to do with the texture of the felt. I did have to rotate the file due to the shape I wanted to cut out so the file is going against a different grain of the fabric. Maybe more testing will tell me. Thanks.


I am also now noticing that some of the burned areas of the plant are flaking off a bit with handling. Can anyone recommend a finishing spray or treatment? Would Scotchgaurd help hold the design in place as well as protect from stains? Thoughts?

We used to use hair spray when we did chalk art since it’s basically liquid plastic in an aerosol can. It kept everything from flaking off quite well. Might be a cheap option to try.


Still experimenting with felt engraving. Here are a couple more examples of my findings. The three Groots from Left to Right: Grey 1.2mm 100% wool, Green 3mm Polyester and Green 3mm 100% wool.

I also updated the above to include the lines per inch setting of 195 that I forgot before.


The Pac Man engraving is on the Grey 1.2mm wool. For the 1.2mm felt we cut the power to 20, the rest of the settings are the same as above.