3rd party replacement parts

Does anyone know if there is a 3rd party seller or supplier they can point me to so I can get a printer head lens and printer head side window? Glowforge has the most terrible service and I’ve been waiting for over a month now. Their message states that they “just ran out of stock” but in reading some of the similar help topics, it doesn’t appear that it’s EVER been in stock. I have orders to fill and this runaround from the Glowforge support (that has been reported to the BBB) is costing me and my business serious money. At this point, I just really need to replace these two manufacturer defects on my own.

Any help would be MOST appreciated.

American Photonics Search: 8 results found for "glowforge" – American Photonics Also some Etsy sellers have optics for sale.

Lenses and windows are consumable products, not manufacturer defects.


Three months of use is all I get out of them? I find that hard to believe!

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No, not normally. I have been using the same optics for over 5 years. But if they aren’t cleaned properly and something gets burned on, they can need replacing. Are you certain your lens and window need replacing?


Yes, according to the initial support person’s assessment of the photos I sent them.

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Thank you for the recommendation! I appreciate it. :grin:

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I would soak a q-tip with alcohol and try to clean them again…sometimes that will help…worth a try.


Clean optics are the number one rule with your laser. Infrared is just light - until it touches something, then its heat. Enough smoke deposit on the windows or lens will give a surface to deposit energy on and it will be ‘cooked’ on the surface and reduce transmission. The more opaque, the more energy will be deposited and then burn the surface.
Examine your optics regularly with a flashlight to spot any residue. Use a lens wipe when you see any, and your optics will last as long as you do.


If there is the slightest “not cutting through” I clean the two windows with a Zeiss Wipe without even thinking about it. If it still does not cut through I do a Zeiss on all the windows /lenses/mirror.


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