4 Days Dropped Off

For the first time that I’ve seen, the beta prediction tool has actually shortened the estimated ship date. When it was first announced, mine moved from the standard “all shipped by November” to March 12, 2012. Then, as we started to see some settling in the predictions, the dates were moving further away. Mine jumped to March 26!

I just checked mine since I’m a glutton for punishment, and the time has been shortened from March 26 to March 22. I know, it’s not much, but I am just happy to see it move in THAT direction, rather than the other way.

Anyone else see something similar?


Mine disappeared again. It had moved from Dec. 12 to the 27th last time.

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So weird. I had hoped that it was something that more people would start seeing (times getting sooner) and that the tool was becoming more reliable. But it still seems to be all over the place.

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Mine updated further out the first time, but the last 2 updates have both been a closer date.


Good to know! Hopefully, that will continue to happen. And congrats!

I have seen several people in the last couple days report that their date moved up. Haven’t seen any recent reports of them moving further away.

Mine disappeared entirely (again).


Now mine moved from 12/8 to 12/5. Only 3 days sooner, but I’ll take it. Totally toying with my emotions! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My account did drop a day end of last week. Good stuff.

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Mine started as November 3. Then changed to Oct. 31, then to Oct 30th. They came through and the email came on the 30th.


Good to know the email was right on the day. That seems to be happening with more regularity now.

Reading this post made me check mine. It’s jumped up a bit!
Previous checks have been:
Nov14 to Nov 27 to Nov 21 to now Nov 4.
I maaaay be a little excited. :yum:


Oh…you could be very soon! That’s awesome!

With all predictions, the further away it is, the less accurate it’s going to be. A few days difference in March next year is less significant than the difference between tomorrow and next week sometime. But there have been a few posts lately about people receiving their e-mail on the predicted date, so that gives me confidence that as each customer’s date approaches, the estimate should settle down and become more trustworthy.


My original date was January 18. That jumped to January 26, and now it’s at January 25. They could replace the date with a picture of a turtle and it would mean about the same thing to me. I’ve learned not to put any faith in a date from Glowforge. If I have a Glowforge in my home by next summer, I’ll be surprised. It does look like they’ve ramped up the basic production recently though, so that might move my date closer again. I’m sure they’ll switch back to focusing on Pro units as my date nears, so it will then move further out. At least this new prediction tool means they won’t have to make any more excuses for missed deadlines, nor will they be likely to offer any more bonuses for missing delivery deadlines. Clever strategy.


I don’t know whats going on but I too am seeing huge swings in dates. When the expected date tool was introduced, my date for the Basic was Oct 31st (TODAY!!!) then last week it moved one month out to Nov 27th (Wasn’t happy about that) but then today I checked and we are back at Oct 31st (NOICE!!! But no email yet)… To be continued…


Mine when from Jan 16th to Jan 24th. I ordered on day 27 (Oct 23rd)

My original date was December 6th and is now the 13th, wrong direction…

It is not less significant to me, the one awaiting my Glowforge. :wink:

Ha! This made me snort!

Hope it comes through for you today! Some are saying the notices are going out as late as after 9Eastern.

Definitely the wrong direction. Sorry to hear it!

All I keep playing in my head is this:


Update: WA, WA, waaaa… Date moved again today. But in the wrong directing. Back out to Nov 4th.

OD of 10/17/2015 at 1000hrs (day 23) for those of you keeping track. . Basic with air filter.