40” Tall 3D Eiffel Tower for Homecoming dance

I don’t post often, but I thought I would share this one. I teach at a high school in Chicago and the homecoming dance is coming up this Friday. The theme is Autumn in Paris. The budget for the dance is very small and so the Eiffel Tower they wanted wasn’t going to happen. Enter the glowforge!!! I searched for a file I could just use as my time to design and make this was very limited but no luck given the size requirement. So I mixed several different designs together and split it into three pieces. Each piece took about 5 minutes so total of 15 minutes per side. Assembly took about 15 minutes and it’s purely held together by interlocking tabs. The students loved it but now I’m worried they think they just found their new prop designer😅


There are certainly worse things to be called by students than that!

Wonderful model, it looks great.


Thank you, and if I could carve out the time I’d absolutely love to do it, but my darn teaching schedule of Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and Engineering & Design gets in the way.


Kind of you to make it for them! It looks great!!!


I can’t help myself when they give me those puppy dog eyes and ask so nicely.


Yes, they can be hard to say no to!

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Wow! That’s a nice save! (Yeah, you’re toast.) :smile:


Thank you. Luckily the design and engineering students I teach are getting familiar enough with design software and the glowforges to carry some of the weight soon!


Nice! They absolutely have found their prop designer.


Wow, amazing! As a former process development chemist who had to sometimes invent their own equipment to get the job done, I think prop designing meshes quite nicely with your regular career.


Very nice!!

I love it! That’s done really well. I do passport travel in virtual reality for seniors and one of the places we will be adventuring too is Paris. Is it possible to use your design or pay for it? I literally just printed out my first print 15 minutes ago on my new glowforge plus. :slight_smile: So I’m not sure exactly what the protocol here is. Thanks for steering me in the right direction!

Welcome to the forum.
It is against forum rules to ask for files. If someone wishes to give their design away they post in the Free File section. If they have an etsy shop it is often linked in their profile.

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It was for senior citizens and I was offering to pay for it. I was new at the time and still haven’t been on here very often. He graciously offered it and sent it but I can’t find the settings. It was one teacher to another teacher of students. I will make sure I don’t ask foranyfiles. I appreciate the notice. I’ll keep looking for the information elsewhere. Have a nice evening…

Great. As for settings, those are dependent on the material you are using. It looks like he made his out of cardboard. There are lots of settings for various materials if you search the Beyond the Manual section.

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