40th Wedding Anniversary Memento Tokens



My oldest brother and sister-in-law threw a big party yesterday for their 40th. It was a great party and brought back great memories of the wedding 40 years ago. I drove up to Quincy, Illinois and we started with a Mass for all the cousins and friends and family along with whatever parishioners attended. Family did all the music. Amazing talent there. And the Glowforge provided the homily material. I used the whole 2x4 nominal dimension topic to lead into a reflection on human made measurements. That they are really fictions, even if we try to root them in physics. We just agree and they are always temporary or ad hoc. Marriage though is supposed to be permanent and un-measured. We give to those we love without measure and without counting the cost.

I made these for all the guests. The couple got them in cherry Proofgrade. The rest were in maple Proofgrade. Design took about a half an hour. 2". Printing was 3 hours a side to engrave. 20 minutes to cut them out. 40 at a time. Four three hour prints. All flawless and un-interrupted. The feature that drew the most awesome were the spurs on the boots.

The back side commemorates a family tradition. Each of the inlaws joins the family officially by drinking out of their spouse’s footwear. (Dad worked in a shoe factory. The four older brothers snagged girls with promises of cheap shoes!) The text is a little thin but it has the aesthetic of the order.) Brother of the Boot, Sister of the Shoe.

Gorilla tape is a must for this application.

Interesting packing problem. While offsetting every other row is more efficient use of materials, the way the 12x20 sheets work and the margins, I can get more this way and use the margins for a few more. Best would have cut off 2" of one side and then do that later.

Tiled clones just rock!

And then I forgot the tokens back at home. Typical goof of me. At least the couple got their cherry tokens.


What a sweet story! (Except for the forgetting the tokens at home part! Whoops!) :smirk:


those are lovely.


Love the design and the sentiments! Bummer about forgetting–I hope you get a chance to give them out at a future gathering.


Those are awesome!


How nice of you! Little things like this make it all worth it to me. I haven’t even begun to start making much in the way of gifts for people. But it’s less than 6 months to Christmas now, so… :wink:


I love the story! The tokens, too.


Great story! I got several chuckles from it (especially the ending).


Those are awesome! Love that you put the GF ruler to good use in giving us a sense of scale. Stuff like this is one of the main reasons I bought in—to be able to make some sweet, random, personal gifts for people.