£429.04 UK Duty on Basic + £42 on proofgrade

Just paid UPS for delivery of the GF & tray as 1 package total fee was £429.04
This combines with the fee of £42.44 for the proofgrade.

Incidentally, got the golden email on the 6th March, UPS will delivery on the 19th March for those wondering. I ordered 26th Sept 2015. Hope that cheers up UK buyers :slight_smile:


Hey @sqw, does it show you on your invoices for duty what duty %you paid? The amount of VAT and duty for. Basic seems to be varying an awful lot from person to person and I’m interested in why. Yours is like £100 more than someone else’s I saw on the forum yesterday :confused:


Did it over the phone, not seen any paperwork yet… Will let you know on monday

There is a brokerage fee of £11.25 (on the PG supplies. Might be more on the actual package). The rest is 20% of the landed value which is the cost of the item plus shipping. It will vary a little due to change in the FX rate on the day but other than that it should be reasonably predictable.

Should be but UPS import VAT always seems to be more than 20%. I questioned this with them about an order recently and they said it was a disbursement fee. I asked them to explain the VAT calculation but they haven’t replied. I don’t see how they can add fees into the VAT figure because if I was still VAT registered I could claim it back. That means the government would be paying their disbursement fee, which cant be right.

That’s interesting. The one thing that wasn’t listed on my invoice from UPS (on the proofgrade shipment) was how much was paid for delivery as that affects the landed value. I estimated that if the shipping amount was $68 then it was spot on.

For the Glowforge shipping the shipping is $495 (it’s listed in an email I got from Glowforge) so I should be able to work out the exact VAT. If UPS add anything when mine arrives I’ll report back.

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