42nd Anniversary of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

We attended a 42nd anniversary of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on Saturday. The event was put on by the Who North America – Doctor Who store in Camby Indiana. We brought a present we made on our Glowforge to the owners as a thank you for having the event. We made an edgelit sign exclusive for them (it has a personal thank you on it).

Thank you to all the GF people here for inspiring me, and for @marmak3261 for showing us our first view into what types of things our Glowforge will be able to make (he showed us all kinds of inspiration!) If you are a Whovian and want to see what the store looks like, check out the 2nd link.

I cannot remember who showed us his edgelit sign with the clear acrylic in the middle (but thank you!), but I showed this off at work and a couple of people asked me where I was able to find such a nice base for the light…was proud to say we made it!

Doctor Who store in Indiana

Pictures from the 42nd Anniversary of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy AND pics of the Doctor Who store


Now that is a good gift to give. Wonderfully done. So glad to have my Glowfriends to keep the enthusiasm going.


It turned out amazing! Love the clear piece in the base. Really very nice!


I bought that book when I was 11 when it was freshly of the press. That’s is great work on the design and the execution on the acrylic!!!


@marmak3261 @ptodd @ellingtonmd Thank you very much.

In case someone asks them who made it, I am hoping they will pick up the acrylic sign and realize my email address is at the bottom of the front of it… I didn’t want to make it seem like I was doing it for advertising or anything…it truly was a gift.

@ellingtonmd I wasn’t surrounded by tech savvy people until I joined our Makerspace 9 years ago … and they suddenly made me feel alive…I felt at “home” like I belonged … and my life over the last 8 years has changed drastically and for the better. They have become my friends, and in one case my best friend (I met him at the makerspace) became my husband, and I thoroughly came alive through them. I was introduced to Hitchhikers Guide, the world of soldering, Arduinos & Raspberry Pi, 3D printing … and Doctor Who! :smiley:


So many situations I get the image of all the sheep trying to hide under all the other sheep, a metaphor that is perfect for so many situations,

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Nice work! Aaaand, where did you eat dinner?

ummm I think we ate on the road as we were heading back. Hubby decided he didn’t want to stay in a hotel and would just drive back the whole way…

Not the restaraunt at the end of the universe?

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