4Runner Keychain

Not super special, but I figured out a way to get around using glue on the clear acrylic for this keychain. Cut out posts to glue wood to acrylic.

Deep engraved the holes in the wood and cut the holes in the acrylic.
Hardwood Ambrosia Maple 500 85 340 200 Full 3/16 or .185 4Runner Keychain


Very cool!

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Question - are the posts wood or acrylic? Did you glue the posts to the wood, and then slide the acrylic sheet over them - or no glue whatsoever and you’re depending on a friction fit? I’m missing a step!

Nice! Thanks for the tip!

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Clever trick! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks. The posts are wood, but I think I might try acrylic next time.
Just a dab of super glue in the hole in the wood and then I coated it with spray poly a few times. Light sanding in-between each coat.

Then a dab of glue in the holes of the acrylic and press it together.


You have been awarded the Glowforge superhero of the week.


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