4th Grade Building Model

Part of our school curriculum is an hour a day for “Innovation Hour” where students learn about problem solving, engineering, design etc. We’re also in the beginning stages of a new building project. One of our 4th grade classes decided to try their hand at 3View drawings and model making, sketching out their versions of a school building that I then print on the GlowForge for them.

Once they finish assembling the pieces I’ll update the photos but I’m so proud of the students I had to brag a bit.


I love this use of a Glowforge. You are making such a difference in your students’ lives. I applaud you and all dedicated teachers!

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We’re trying. I’m a big believer in “Learn by Doing” and the scan feature on the GlowForge makes it easy to go from sketch to model. I do need to research if using different colored pens produces different depths for engraving. But then again I’m learning as I go too :sunglasses:

Love it. My children’s school does the same thing but they call it genius hour

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Yep, that’s excellent! :grinning:

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I wish my kids had this at their school. Maybe I’ll start a campaign!

I guess they have it at home, but I think it would be a great addition to the things they offer.

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Perfect use of a Glowforge!

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Perhaps they could even make it in gingerbread :smile: and do several classes at the same time.
Logic and creative problem solving will serve them better in life than diagramming sentence structures or memorizing the names of all the presidents.

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Update 1: Finished the cutting over the weekend, so the team could assemble today. Here is their first few moments.


Future engineers and architects. :smile:

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Update 2: Finished Product:

So proud of them, forging new ideas, trying new skills and most importantly figuring out the best ways to draw that give the best scans then teaching their classmates how to do it better as well.



Absolutely! I hope so!

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the project. What a great future your students have. You are making a difference in many young lives and I celebrate your dedication and efforts. Keep on keeping on.

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