4x4 tile. my first work ever

So Ive been son anxious to get my machine that I started joining groups and reading as much as I can, this community has helped me a lot. I set up my machine today and decided to give it a go with the engraving of tile from HD and a mandala of a german shepherd dog in honor of our dog that just passed away. Here is the result.
Google Photos
I bought the vector file on Etsy. Settings on the machine were
1000, full power and 450
used a sharpie and some good elbow grease using a paper towel to remove the sharpie, finished with a coat of clear acrylic coating


That’s your first project?!?

Damn @twowoodmen I’m impressed. No shying away from trying something new for you! Looking forward to what you do next :slight_smile:

*Sorry about your puppy :frowning:


I sure hope you are happy with this result, because it looks great. Sorry for your loss.


Great job, and good way to honor your dog’s memory!
With this being your first job, you’ve hit the ground running–so glad you spent time on the forum to get a running start!!!


Aw thank you, Im really looking forward to explore what can be done. I need to order supplies, Im afraid I will run out of the sample kit I got pretty soon.
This forum specifically is great.


Turned out really nice! Sorry to hear about your dog.


Aw thank you. This forum is the one that I found the most helpful with lots of great insight even when I didnt have the GF with me. I look forward to create and collaborate


thank you for your kind words

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Truly beautiful project. Great work.

Thank you!

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Nailed it!

First Project is very nice.
sorry about your dog.

Thank you!


Thank you

Great Job! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I’m really enjoying learning and being creative.