5/32 in. Columbia Forest Products PureBond Maple Plywood Settings

Just picked up my order from Home Depot. Here are the settings I used for cutting.

Basic Model

Speed: 184
Power: 100 (Full) Basic Full Power
Focus Height: .138 in or 3.5mm (check you thickness it might vary)


I assume not a Pro…

If you want to send me a sheet, I’d be happy to test it on FULL (Pro), you know, for the good of the community…


100 (full) ? Which is it? 100 or full?

Isn’t 100% full?


Clearly not as you can set it for 100 or for full which is beyond the 100 on the scale.

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Ah! You do have a Pro.

No, 100% is the same on all models. FULL is only on the Pro and Plus.

Nope. 100 is 100 regardless of which model but full/pro is not the same as full/basic.

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My apologies, I just assumed it was a shortcut for 100%.

It is confusing the way they do it. However, now it means you don’t need to send me a sheet. Darn…

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It does sound whacky since 100% is 100% and should in theory be the limit. I liken it to the gas turbine engines I worked on in the navy. We had 100% power and then we also had military over ride or the real 100% I guess lol.


The concept is that “X” setting will give the same results on all machine.

… unless it’s FULL, then, well, no. :smiley:

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Yeah… that just about covers it! lol…

While that’s true, it’s got nothing to do with the GF. The power scale is not a linear % scale (nor is the speed scale numbers that are something sensible like mm/sec).

Full is 100% (available) power. Available because it’s still less than the max the tube can produce - it’s more along the lines of 100% of the power that will result in reasonably long lifetimes without burning out early.

0-100 are the same on all models. Full is different (40W-ish vs 45W-ish).


math teacher saying


Pretty sure Full is on all 3 models but the power output will be less on the Basic. I have a Basic and I’m positive I have the Full option in the settings…


Yes. There is a setting for both 100% and full on my basic. Why have a different settings option for power if there is no difference? Kind of a grey area. How much more power than the governed 100% ?

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Interesting… and confusing.

I wonder if that’s a way to guarantee performance as the machines age. 100% might be set to 30W, which all machines can achieve even given variance in tubes. FULL would be “give me all she’s got”!


It also just occurred to me that the setting I gave are not 100% clean machine. So YMMV.

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As always, non-PG settings should always be considered starting points.