5 layer elephant

So it was time to create another multi-layered are piece. This is my 5th in the series with an unknown amount coming. They are so fun to create, but also so frustrating at times.

Please check this one out as well as my others.

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Very nice! I love all these layered pieces! So many different details hiding there; they are so much fun to explore.


Layered pieces are always so stunning and this one is no different. Very cool piece.


Wow! The baby elephant is a perfect addition.


Creative, Artsy, Beautiful

Love the addition of the Jeep!!


Amazing work!


Love the baby hanging on to the tail.


I really enjoy seeing each new design you make! Sometimes the best things we end up doing in live can carry the most frustration, but the most worth.


So pretty!


Your work has become a favorite! Beautiful!


Thank you very much.

I plan on doing an underwater one next. One of my friend’s daughters want me to do another dinosaur, so that might be in the works after.


Absolutely stunning!! I love elephants and this is something I would love to try but I am just a beginner. I wouldn’t even know where to begin - simply amazing!

Just cut this file out! Quick question, for the fifth elephant, the half moon cutout, are you just painting that a different color and putting it back in? Also if this is the case and I wanted to do that piece out of acrylic, would I need to trace the half moon, turn it into a svg and upload to glowforge? If so, how do I guarantee the size stays accurate? Thanks! Loved this file , plan on buying a few more :slight_smile:


The half moon on the 5th layer is set to engrave while the rest of the elephant is set to cut. I did a little screen capture to show you what I mean.

I’m not sure how you would do that out of acrylic. I guess if you set the half moon to “cut” when cutting the elephant outline…then insert the acrylic into the machine and set the elephant to ignore and the half moon to cut. That would ideally get you the shape of the half moon on the acrylic, but not necessary the exact size. The laser cut would not but exactly 100%, and the acrylic would be a little sloppy in the fit.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


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Mine cut out it didn’t engrave? I just uploaded the files to glowforge, In fact I didn’t have any files that engraved or scored. The color of all the lines was the same purple, so everything just cut.

sorry red, not purple, I was looking at the purple halfmoon as I was typing, lol.

Although in retrospect it was probably my error. I was working fast and there probably were different colors, but I didn’t notice because when I grouped to move them they were all the same color (slapping forehead). Was wondering why the jeep driver was cut out, when he was probably just supposed to have a score line, lol. No worries and sorry. But now that the back half moon is cut out, I might try painting it to look like an african sunset or sunrise. Your files are great!


Thank you very much. :smiley:

I just looked at the entire file to see what else needed to be scored.

On the first layer, the space where the baby elephant is grabbing the large elephant, there are some scoring lines there. They are small, but are still separated on the GF app sidebar.

The 4th layer as you mentioned is the jeep guy. He needs to be scored.

…and then the 5th layer needs engraved, as previously mentioned.

I’d rather have someone ask questions about my files so that I can either correct one of my own errors, or help someone out.


Sorry and no worries, going forward with your files, I will definitely make sure to look for the different colors and note what to do. As a designer it would be super helpful if you included in your file what color does what and what to watch for. Also I didn’t understand your file when first downloaded and had to go back to your etsy page to see that you were offering 1/8 and 1/4 because at first I didn’t understand what the files meant. This is not meant to criticize , but maybe would be helpful for others if you included a blurb with your files about colors and sizes, as sometimes we buy files then don’t go and cut them for weeks or even months later and have no idea what is happening in or with the file. Just a helpful hint. Thanks so much.