5 String Electric Bass Guitar - Newest in the "Music Collection" :)

Finally finished the much requested bass guitar… Enjoy!


That is beautiful!

Very creative, looks like it could actually play.

Thank you sir, that’s the goal when I create them, trying to keep it as realistic as possible :slight_smile:

This is gorgeous. I love this whole Collection!

Amazing! And Inspiring! I know a few people who’d love this sort of thing! Is it in a shop/Etsy/website for me to direct them to? My first GF is arriving in a couple of days so I’ve not cut a thing yet so I’ll certainly not be proficient enough to attempt anything like this just yet but maybe one day I will and if I do, I’ll be sure to credit you with the inspiration!

In the original post up top, I link to my Etsy page you can get any of them :slight_smile:

And all the instruments are really easy to make… cut each layer, glue together, color / stain as your preference :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Still learning to navigate the community here, so it’s much appreciated. I’ll go have a gander and favourite the shop!

I couldn’t resist! I bought the file! Just can’t stop thinking about the look on my guitar loving friends faces! Thank you!

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thank you sir! You’re my first sale on that item! hehe

Also, check out the other instruments in my collection. They are easy to make, and awesome as gifts for music lovers (find what they play, snag that one specifically).

Enjoy, post pics!

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Yes I’m also tempted with the Piano and Mic! In fact I could be tempted to purchase both!

Well, I mean… lets be honest, sometime you have to just live a little :wink:

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Indeed! though I’ll have to be careful not to go crazy too soon with so many other files to start me off, my etsy bill will be through the roof! Maybe I’ll treat myself in the next sale!

Thanks again - I’ve favourited the shop so i’ll keep an eye out for new additions too!

A wonderful addition to your collection. The detail is amazing!